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SCAS OCTOBER 2019 - Barb Yager

Lunar Timetable

First Quarter Moon Image
First Quarter Moon October 5th @ 12:47 pm
Full Moon Image
Full Moon October 13th @ 5:08 pm
Last Quarter Moon Image
Last Quarter Moon October 21st @ 8:27 am
New Moon Image
New Moon October 27th @ 11:48 pm

South Taurids, North Taurids and Orinids

Here are some tips on how to maximize your time looking for meteors and fireballs during December:
  • Get out of the city to a place where city and artificial lights do not impede your viewing
  • If you are out viewing the shower during its peak, you will not need any special equipment. You should be able to see the shower with your naked eyes.
  • Carry a blanket or a comfortable chair with you - viewing meteors, just like any other kind of star gazing is a waiting game, and you need to be comfortable. Plus, you may not want to leave until you can't see the majestic celestial fireworks anymore.


Clear Sky Clock



3 moderate meteor showers: North & South Taurids, Orion.
6 planets: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus

02- At dusk look for brilliant Venus 3 degrees from Spica in Virgo near the western horizon.
The crescent Moon leads Scorpius into the SSW. Aim binoculars to dark Earthshine on the Moon.
03- The Moon floats 1 degree above Jupiter (above Scorpius) in the SSW.
04- Tonight the Moon glows in the south, atop the tilted Sagittarian Teapot pouring onto the stinger tail of the Scorpion that slinks along the SW horizon. Aim binoculars to the Teapot and nearby areas in the southern sky for final views of deep sky objects located in our Milky Way Galaxy.
05- FIRST QUARTER MOON occurs 12:47 p.m. The Moon drifts close to Saturn in the south.
10- At 7 p.m. The bright Moon lies 4 degrees below Neptune in Aquarius in the SSE.
The S. TAURID METEOR SHOWER radiates from Taurus, Bull rising in the east late evening.
A few fireballs may occur between midnight and dawn 11th.
13- The HUNTERS' MOON is full 5:08 p.m. and rises in the east by sunset.
14- At 8 p.m. the bright Moon floats 4 degrees to the right of blue-green Uranus.
HUNTERS' MOON STAR PARTY 8-10 p.m. Deering Estate at Cutler, Palmetto Bay. S. Cross Astros will assemble hi-tech equipment along the shore.
18- SCAS Program CANCELED tonight at FIU.
19- Mercury reaches its highest altitude but remains low in the west.
20- N. TAURID METEOR SHOWER also radiates from the east by midnight. Both meteor showers are products of old Comet Encke and may produce 5 meteors per hour. Moonlight will diminish the visible rate of the meteor shower.
21/22- ORIONID METEOR SHOWER- late evening Orion, Hunter reclines on the eastern horizon.
The Orionids radiate from the area near the red supergiant star Betelgeuse (left shoulder).
The LAST QUARTER MOON rises after Midnight and reduces the number of visible meteors which may total 20 per hour. Orionids are produced from dust tails of Comet Halley.
27- NEW MOON occurs 11:38 p.m.
28- Outer planet Uranus lies opposite the Sun as it makes its closest pass by Earth and will be brightest all month. Uranus will rise in Aries in the SE by sunset and set in the west at dawn.
29- At 7 p.m. look for the sliver of a new Moon near the SW horizon. The Moon forms a triangle with Mercury (lower left) and brilliant Venus (lower right). They set early. Saturn follows Jupiter across the SSW. Jupiter sets before midnight.
31- Hallowe'en Eve the crescent Moon hangs 5 degrees above Jupiter in the SW.


Blazing winter constellations rise in the east by midnight.
The Big Dipper lies on the NW horizon. Bright Arcturus sparkles on the western horizon. The Teapot lies in the SSW. Capricornus, Sea Goat plods across the south. Grus, Crane stretches its starry neck above the southern horizon. Neptune sails across Aquarius in the SSE above the star Fomalhaut. Cetus, Whale, swims along the SE horizon. Aries, Ram chases Pegasus (Winged Horse) or Great Square of Pegasus toward the Zenith. Hercules leads bright Vega and the vast Summer Triangle westward. The delicate 7 Sisters (Pleiades) brings Taurus, Bull above the ENE horizon. The Royal Family ascends higher in the NE: King Cepheus, Queen Cassiopeia, their daughter Andromeda carrying our closest galaxy M-31 with Perseus. The Summer Milky Way arches from the SW to the Zenith.



3 planets in morning twilight: Neptune, Uranus, Mars.

02- At dawn Mars appears on the eastern horizon in Virgo and follows Leo, Lion.
10- S. TAURID METEOR SHOWER will be most intense in the predawn at 5 per hour.
15- Blue-green Uranus rises in the east in Aries, Ram near the bright Moon.
17- The bright Moon floats between the Pleiades and Hyades clusters in Taurus.
20- The N. TAURID METEOR SHOWER may produce a few fireballs but overlap the Southern Taurid dust trail from Comet Encke.
21/22- ORIONID METEOR SHOWER radiates near the red supergiant star Betelgeuse that marks the Hunter's left shoulder. Colorful debris from Comet Halley may be zipping from the east when Orion, Hunter appears in the east by 11 p.m. A waning Moon rises about 1 a.m. Peak activity occurs between midnight and dawn with a rate of 20 meteors per hour under a dark sky. You may see an "earth-grazer"--a bright meteor that skims along the horizon.
23- At dawn the Moon leads the Lion toward the Zenith.
26- Before sunrise look for ruddy Mars rising in the east below the waning crescent Moon.
28- At 4 a.m. Uranus lies opposite the Sun and sets in the SW at dawn.
31- At dawn Mars rises higher in the SE 7 degrees above Spica in Virgo.
Mars will be closest to Earth and brightest October 13, 2020.






Cetus, Whale dives onto the western horizon. The Pleiades lead Taurus, Bull westward with Orion, Hunter in pursuit in the SW. Bright blue Sirius, in Orion's Big Dog, sparkles in the SSW.The Gemini Twins march across the Zenith followed by the Beehive star cluster. Leo, Lion approaches the Zenith. Spica twinkles in Virgo in the SE. The Big Dipper rises in the NE. Bright Arcturus sparkles low in the ENE.
 The 2020 WINTER STAR PARTY is scheduled for February 17th - 23rd.    REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN