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SCAS NOVEMBER 2019 - Barb Yager

Lunar Timetable

First Quarter Moon Image
First Quarter Moon November 4th @ 5:29 am
Full Moon Image
Full Moon November 12th @ 9:03 am
Last Quarter Moon Image
Last Quarter Moon November 19th @ 4:00 pm
New Moon Image
New Moon November 26th @ 10:20 am

The LEONID METEOR SHOWER occurs mid month.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your time looking for meteors and fireballs during December:
  • Get out of the city to a place where city and artificial lights do not impede your viewing
  • If you are out viewing the shower during its peak, you will not need any special equipment. You should be able to see the shower with your naked eyes.
  • Carry a blanket or a comfortable chair with you - viewing meteors, just like any other kind of star gazing is a waiting game, and you need to be comfortable. Plus, you may not want to leave until you can't see the majestic celestial fireworks anymore.


Clear Sky Clock



Five planets grace the evening skies: L-R Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus.
01- SCAS AUTUMN STAR PARTY 7-10 p.m. Fruit & Spice Park, Homestead 33031. Free.
Silver Saturn, encased in icy rings, lies in the Teaspoon above the Sagittarian Teapot.
A crescent Moon floats near the handle of the Teapot in the SSW. Brilliant Venus leads huge Scorpius along the SW horizon. Jupiter glows between Saturn and Venus.
02- The Moon and Saturn drift 7 degrees apart.
03- Eastern Standard Time begins today.
06- Tonight the Moon lies 4 degrees below Neptune in Aquarius.
08 SCAS & National Parks host a VETERANS STAR PARTY dusk- 10 p.m. Shark Valley, south side of Tamiami Trail. Free.
10- By 11 p.m. the Moon lies 4 degrees below blue-green Uranus, in Aries, Ram in the SE.
12- The Thanksgiving full Moon rises in the east by sunset.
14- At dusk look for the planetary line-up in the SW: Saturn at the top, Jupiter and brilliant Venus near the SW horizon. Prep your cameras, Jupiter and Venus will meet next week!
15- SCAS FREE PROGRAM, 8 p.m. FIU Physics lecture hall CP-145 Main campus, SW 109 Ave./
SW 8 St. Speaker: Dr. James R. Webb, research astronomer.  
17- Early LEONID METEORS may be visible before Midnight radiating from Leo in the east.
The most intense activity occurs after Midnight - dawn.
19- Last Quarter Moon occurs 4:00 p.m. Venus rises 5 degrees from Jupiter in the SW.
 22-Jupiter and Venus 2 degrees apart in the SW.
23/24-Jupiter and Venus dance above the SW horizon only 1.4 degrees apart. Great photos!
28- By nightfall focus on the young crescent Moon nudging brilliant Venus. Jupiter lies to the lower right. They all set early.
29- The Moon floats 1 degree from Saturn in the SW.
30- By nightfall a celestial line-up forms in the SW: the Moon , Saturn, Venus and Jupiter.


Hercules stands on the NW horizon. Vega, in Lyra the Harp, leads the vast Summer Triangle lower in the west. Capricornus, Sea Goat plods across the SW. Grus, Crane stretches its starry neck above the SSW horizon. Fomalhaut twinkles below Neptune in the south. Aries, Ram chases the Winged Horse (Great Square of Pegasus) overhead. Cetus, Whale swims across the SE. The Royal Family reigns in the north: King Cepheus, Queen Cassiopeia, daughter Andromeda and Perseus. The delicate Seven Sisters (Pleiades cluster) lead Taurus, Bull higher in the east. Gigantic Orion, Hunter reclines on the eastern horizon. Capella guides Auriga, Charioteer toward the north. The Gemini Twins appear on the NE horizon.  



Mars and Mercury highlight the eastern sky in the morning twilight. Leonid Meteor Shower

02- About 3 a.m. the Moon floats 0.6 degrees below Saturn.
04- First Quarter Moon occurs at 5:29 a.m. At dawn Corvus, Crow leads ruddy Mars ahead of Spica, in Virgo in the ESE.
10- Mars and Spica 2.8 degrees apart in the ESE. Leo, Lion climbs toward the Zenith. The Big Dipper lies in the NE. Bright Arcturus (red giant star) sparkles low in the NE. 
11- MERCURY TRANSITS SUN 7:38 a.m.-1:10 p.m. SCAS Astros will arrange safe solar telescopes 10 a.m.-1 p.m. near the shore, Deering at Cutler, SW 72 Ave. Palmetto Bay 33157. The next Mercury transit will occur in 2049!
12- The Thanksgiving Moon is full at 9:03 a.m.
17/18- LEONID METEOR SHOWER most active 15 per/hr. radiating from the Lion in the east Midnight to 5 a.m. The Leonids zip at 44 miles per/second and may contain fireballs.
19- At dawn Mercury rises above the ESE horizon.
23- The waning Moon leads Spica, Mars, and Mercury higher in the ESE. 
24- At dawn the old Moon floats 3 degrees left of Mars.
26- New Moon occurs at 10:20 a.m.
28- Mercury reaches highest altitude above the ESE horizon. 
30- At dawn, Spica in Virgo leads Mars and Mercury above the ESE horizon.






The Royal Family swings into the NW. Capella leads Auriga into the NW. Aries, Ram butts the WNW horizon. Cetus, Whale, dives onto the western horizon. The Pleiades shimmer in the west. Orion, Hunter strides across the SW in pursuit of Taurus, Bull in the west. The Great Orion Nebula glows in his sword. Brilliant blue Sirius, in Orion's Big Dog,  sparkles in the south. Procyon, Orion's Little Dog, follows Orion. The Gemini Twins, Castor & Pollux, drift across the Zenith. The Beehive star cluster lies near the Twins. Leo, Lion climbs higher in the east. The Big Dipper rises higher in the NE. Bright Arcturus sparkles low in ENE
 The 2020 WINTER STAR PARTY is scheduled for February 17th - 23rd.    REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN