Membership applications to SCAS are available either through a PDF download, or an online form. Additional educational material, non-copywrited documents, and other useful information can be downloaded on the Downloads page below.

Membership Benefits

* Learn to locate Contellations like Gemini and Taurus, Double Stars like Rigel, Galaxies like Andromeda,  and much much more…

* No telescope! We have a telescope loaner program. We will teach you how to use a telescope.

* Participate in Public Viewing events

* Access to our library

* Access to our new D'Auria Observatory in the Redlands (Dark site near Homestead, FL)

* Learn Astrophotography with the help of experienced members

Contact us for more information!

Steps to apply for membership at SCAS

1- Select the membership from the table below. For example, you may select a 1 year, or a 2 years   membership. There are additional selections that include choice of an astronomy magazine.

2- Download a membership form from this link.

3- Mail email your form with an enclosed check to the address below. Make sure that you completely fill out the form.

Attn: Barb Yager

SCAS Membership Department

10221 SW 116 Avenue

Miami, FL 33176-2565

Alternatively, you may want to pay online using Paypal or a credit card. Follow these steps to use Paypal.

1- Select your membership (1 Year or 2 Years)

2- Use one of the “Buy Now” cart, according to your choice of 1 year or 2 years membership option.

3- Make sure you write down your Paypal transaction ID

4- Use the membership form and make sure you write down your Paypal transaction ID. This transaction is your only proof of payment. Secure that number and write it down on your membership application comment section.

5 - Email your form  to

Membership cost

Use the table below to pick a membership option suited to your needs, then fill out a form. Use Paypal or send us a check to cover the cost of your membership.

  If you use Paypal, please include your transaction ID in your membership application.

Membership Payments via Paypal

One Year Membership Options

Two Year Membership Options

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Membership Application Form