Tippy D'Auria


Tippy D'Auria is a retired Electronics Engineer and has a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, and a Degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing.  He has been an active astronomer since 1980.  He is currently a lifetime member of the Southern Cross Astronomical Society and has served as a member of the Societies Board of Fellows for 14 years and was a Vice President of that Society for many years as well. Tippy is also a member of The Local Group of Deep Sky Observers, the Institute for Planetary Research Observatories (IPRO), Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (A.L.P.O.), the Alachua Astronomy Club and the Astronomical League. He is also a founding board member of Astronomy Outreach network and an advisor for the Meade 4M Community. He is a noted Astrophotographer who uses cold camera photography for his work and has previously taught Creative Photography and Darkroom Techniques for 5 years at the Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida. Tippy is the founder of the Winter Star Party which is sponsored by the Southern Cross Astronomical Society and has been the Chairman of that star party for thirteen of its thirty  years. Tippy D’Auria is an international lecturer and has lectured on Astronomy at Universities, High Schools, Astronomy Clubs and Civic Groups as well as at State and National Parks. He has been a guest speaker at the Winter Star Party in Florida on thirty different occasions and has also been a guest speaker at events such as the Texas Star Party in Texas, Mt. Kobau Star Party in British Columbia, Southern Star Conference in North Carolina, Hidden Hollow Astronomy Convention in Ohio, Peach State Star Gaze in Georgia, Starfest Convention in Toronto, Highlands Star Gaze in Florida, Nebraska Star Party in Nebraska, Table Mountain Star Party in Washington, Chiefland Star Party in Florida, and Astronomy Day Conferences in Columbus, Georgia as well as Miami, Jacksonville, & Cocoa, Florida. He was also a speaker at the 4th Annual International Congress of Astronomy in Guatemala, CA.

In 1987 & 1988 he was awarded the Southern Cross Astronomical Societies "Joe T. Doris Service Award for Outstanding Contributions".

 In December of 1992 he was honored with a Lifetime Membership to the Southern Cross Astronomical Society for Meritorious Service to that Society. Only seven such awards have been given since 1922.

 In 1994 he was invited to attend the 2nd Annual Congress of Central American Astronomers in San Salvador, El Salvador, and was an invited speaker at the 4th Annual Congress of Central American Astronomers held in Guatemala City, Guatemala in 1996.

 In January 2001, Tippy received recognition for his contributions to amateur astronomy, as he was honored by the International Astronomical Union, when an asteroid was given the name "11378 DAuria."

 On April 2001, Tippy led an expedition to the Volcanoes of Costa Rica, to film a National Geographic documentary called "The Volcano Hunters".

 In June of 2001, Tippy joined an elite group of some of the world’s best planetary astronomers on a mission to record a predicted flash on the red planet... flashes that may be reflections from ice or other highly reflective land features on Mars in a region called Edom.  In the astronomical community, such phenomena are typically met with skepticism, however the brightening effect on Edom occurred as predicted and was recorded by Tippy D'Auria along with Dr. Donald C. Parker through a Meade 12" LX200 scope on video.  It appears that it is the only existing video sequence of this event which made the IAU circulars and headlines throughout the global astronomical community.

 In August 2007, Tippy received the 2007 Astronomical League Award for his many contributions to the Astronomical Community.

 In February 2008, Tippy received an Astronomy Outreach Award – in recognition for his contributions in outreach and public education in Astronomy.

In October 2009, Tippy was awarded the Astronomical League’s Outreach Award “Honorary Lifetime Master Award” for his significant contributions to Astronomy outreach. He is also the author of numerous articles and papers.  He has contributed to the section on darkroom techniques for the book "Introduction to Observing and Photographing the Solar System", by Thomas A. Dobbins, Donald C. Parker, and Charles F. Capen. Tippy also has co-authored, with Vic Menard, the definitive book on telescope collimation, titled, "Perspectives on Collimation - Principles and Procedures".

 Tippy is also an Amateur Telescope Maker who has several instruments, consisting of sizes in 2", 4-1/2", 6", 10", 12", 14” and 18" sizes.  His main astronomical interests are Astrophotography, Deep Sky Observing, Solar System Observing. He is also a volcano hunter, and enjoys exploring and photographing active volcanoes, and is a member of the International Volcano Watch Team.