Marty Moyer

      I have been an amateur astronomer since approx 1993 when I started observing in Chiefland, Fl at the club then known as Astroscopers. Now the properties are called the Chiefland Astronomy Village, of which I have been a resident from 1999 where I built and operate a private observatory which houses an ATM 6” f/15 folded refractor on an Alt/Az disk mount.

      I have attended 3 previous WSP’s. During year 1994 I was a guest speaker on the subject ‘The Chemical Silvering of Telescope Mirrors’. Some of the WSP familiar persons that know me are Jack Newton, Tom Clark, Vic Menard, Tippy D’Auria and Dave Gracie.

     I have been published three times in Amateur Astronomy Magazine, volumes 45, 51, 53 subjects being The Observatories of Chiefland. Sandcasting Telescope Parts. StarPeople; respectively. Also twice published in a City Department newsletter Sept 2004 FULLY INVOLVED, subject Owner Contracting A House, and April 2006 subject Sandcasting.

Once published on www.CloudyNights article Building A Polarization Sundial, not certain of the year and Volume number.

Building and Using a 17th Century Long-Focus Refractor

The single lens 17th century long-focus refractor was the primary instrument available to the early astronomers. Many important discoveries were made with these unweildy telescopes and this 40mm f/60 single lens reproduction instrument closely approximates the visual performance that those first inventions delivered. This project was inspired by a similar telescope built by Richard Berry and described in Sky and Telescope, Feb 1976 along with his commentary on the optical capabilities and physical challenges using the instrument.

     My discussion will be accompanied with a 44 slide animated PowerPoint presentation covering the history of the early refractors and Johannas Hevelius, some of his life’s work, a review of Richard Berry’s refractor, a pictorial review of my instrument’s construction, the eyepieces with their construction and inventor, ending with an opportunity for answering of questions.