Jonathan Talbot

Jonathan Talbot is an amateur astronomer from Ocean Springs, MS.  Jon recently retired after 34yrs in the US Air Force Hurricane Hunters.  Jon was the Chief flight Meteorologist at the 53 Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS.  Jon has over 5,600 flying hours and 153 penetrations into hurricanes that provided crucial data to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL.

 Jon took up the hobby of astrophotography in 2001 and has pursued photographing the night sky for the past 15yrs using astronomical CCD cameras and DSLR cameras.  He has had images published multiple times in Sky and Telescope and Astronomy Magazine and has done multiple equipment reviews for Astronomy magazine. Jon has a backyard observatory in Ocean Springs MS and images there and across the country at dark sites.  He is active in teaching astrophotography techniques at various star parties across the central and SE US. 

Jon lives in Ocean Springs with his wife Janice and has two daughters and a 3yr old grandson.  His images can be viewed at