Speakers & Topics at WSP 2017

SCAS 2016 WSP Speakers Schedule

Timeslot Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Dr. Ron Brecher - Workshop
1PM-2PM Marty Moyer
Topic: Building and Using a 17th Century Long-Focus Refractor
Mike Lockwood
Topic: Is it hot in here, or is it just my optics?
Jon Talbot
Topic: Astrophotography Techniques
2PM-3PM Tony Pirera
Topic: My Life an Astronomical journey
Rebecca Ljungren
Topic: TBD
Richard Wright
Topic: Imaging On-The-Go
Dr. Ron Brecher
Topic: Basic Image Processing with PixInsigh
Darren Drake
Topic: Laser Tour
Dr. Mike Reynolds
Topic: Photographing August’s Solar Eclipse

Girl Scouts get their
Astronomy badge