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Test News

Jupiter Doubled Shadow Transit

This past May SCAS Astros captured a double shadow transit on Jupiter. The shadows are from Io and Ganymede. The club 18" dob on it's tracking platform was used with a ZWO high speed camera.The best 1200 frames were used to stack this image. The polar alignment was off slightly so image drift was compensated for in a program called PIPP which recreates the video with the target centered in the frame. Alignment and stacking was done in Astrostakkert with the final wavelet processing done in Registax. The data was captured by Justin Lyden, Steve Van Ryn and Tim Khan. Image processing was done by Russ Brick,.

About the Author - Russ Brick
Russ Brick


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    Trey Admin Brick Aug 02, 2017 08:41 - Reply

    Great capture. Catching multiple shadows of moons on Jupiter can't be easy. Interesting about using a high speed camera for image capture.

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