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Winter Star Party Sponsors

2017 Winter Star Party Door Prize Winner and Donor List

  • Dana Koch Baader 1/2 meter visual solar filter AstroPhysics $90 2017 Observers Handbook Charles Darrow Oberwerk Hat Oberwerk
  • Chuck Brown Libyan Desert Glass (Impact Glass) MeteoriteJohn Sinclair $95 Binocular Stargazing Dr. Mike Reynolds Tee Shirt Infinitees WSP item SCAS
  • Clay Davies 1 1/4" Laser Collomator w/1mm Stop Acc. Howie Glatter $115 o Nancy Alfonso Vixen 7X50 Binoculars Hands on Optics $95 WSP Item SCAS
  • Frank Vigil Ticket to Peach State Star Gaze 2017 Peach State Star Gaze $95 WSP Item SCAS
  • Lori Piper 100" Mount Wilson Miniature Hooker TelescopeBarry Crist $100
  • Bob Gurnitz Annals of Deep Sky Vol. 1,2,3,4 Willmann Bell $100
  • Chris Westphal Ticket Peach State Star Gaze 2017 Peach State Star Gaze $95 WSP Item SCAS
  • Alex McConahay Okie-Tex Star Party Tickes for 2 Okie-Tex Star Party $90 WSP Item
  • Steve VanRyn Vixen 7X50 Binoculars Hands On Optics $95 2017 Observers Handbook Charles Darrow
  • Theresa Hanbury $35 Gift Certificate JMI $95 Tee Shirt Infinitees 2 WSP Items SCAS
  • Tom King Multi Purpose Dovetail Plate DiscMounts $120 2017 Observers Handbook Charles Darrow WSP Item SCAS
  • Byronna Klimkiewicz Cretaceous-Paleogene/Iridium Rich $90 Impact Meteorite John Sinclair Astronomy Hat Infinitees Binocular Star Gazing Dr. Mike Reynolds WSP Item SCAS
  • Mitch Cox 1 1/4" Blug Collimation Acc. Howie Glatter $95 Observing Eclipses Dr. Mike Reynolds
  • Russ Brick Multi Purpose Dovetail Plate DisscMounts $110 WSP Item SCAS Tee Shirt Infinitees
  • Rae Murohy 9X60 Oberwerk Binoculars Kevin Busarow $110 Oberwerk Corp.
  • Dennis Plews Annals of the Deep Sky Vol. 1,2,3,4 Willman Bell $100
  • Bobby Gross Cretaceous-Paleogene Meteorite John Sinclair $90 Variable Brightness Laser Switch Upgrade Howie Glatter WSP Item SCAS
  • Pam Kidwell arturus 17mm Ebony Series Eyepiece Camera Concepts & $110 Telescope Solutions
  • Thomas Tinta Octatlunrite Meteorite John Sinclair $90 Observing Eclipses Dr. Mike Reynolds WSP Item SCAS
  • Jim Francis 2" Blug Barlowed Collimation Acc. Howie Glatter $115
  • Jeff Thomas 2" Star Diagonal w/Quick Lock APM Telescopes $180 and Di-Electric Coating
  • Jim Mullen Silkhote Alin Meteorite John Sinclair $95 Falling Stars Dr. Mike Reynolds Tee shirt Infinitees
  • Gene Hanilton Arcturus Rugged Adjustable Camera Concepts & $120 100mw Green Laser Pointer Telescope Solutions
  • Kate Kimpan Backlit Picture of the Horsehead Nebula Josh Smith of $125 Catching the Cosmos
  • Daniel White Silkhote-Alin Meteorite John Sinclair $95 WSP Item
  • Debra Fitzgerald LPI-G Color Plantetary Imager and Guider Meade Instruments $190
  • Dan Joyce TeleVue 13mm Delite Eyepiece Al Nagler and Televue $270 WSP Item SCAS
  • Alan Buck Unanometria All Sky Edition Willman-Bell $135 Deep Field Guide w/Grid Overlays
  • Dan Callahan Stony Iron Pallasite Meteorite John Sinclair $200
  • Nelta Cherry TeleVue 4mm Delite Eyepiece Al Nagler and TeleVue WSP Item SCAS $270
  • Ronald Schmahl TeleVue 7mm Delite Eyepiece Al Nagler and TeleVue $270 WSP Item SCAS
  • Bud Weaver 2" Star Diagonal Prism w/Quicklock APM Telescopes $230 Broadband Multi Coated
  • Dan Kidwell The Sky X Software Software Bisque $350
  • Tim Hickman Hand Made WSP Diorama Barry Crist Beyond Value A Collectable
  • Cathy Denugs TEC Telescope Eyepiece Turret Yuri Petrunin $500
  • Eric Robinson 7X50 Binoculars Water/Shock Proof APM Telescopes $450 APO Correction
  • Tony Hagerty 10X60 Vario Finder Astro Physics $570 w/Quick release Bracket Kit
  • David Liles Baader Solar Material Density 5 Astro Physics $110 Collimation Parallizer 2"-1 1/4" Adapter Howie Glatter WSP Item SCAS
  • Sam Selig Barry Crist Miniature SCAS/WSP $100
  • Gay Halderman Fulgurite: Lighning Strike John Sinclair $90 Falling Stars Book Dr. Mike Reynolds WSP Items SCAS
  • Joe Halderman $50 Gift Certificate JMI $90 2017 Observers Guide Charles Darrow WSP Item SCAS
  • Dale Weaver Night Sky Observers Guide Vol. 1,2,3 Willman-Bell $125 WSP Item SCAS
  • Jose Cardozo 102 ED Refractor Telescope 700mm Explore Scientific $1,000