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Creating New Blog
Creating New Blog
Creating New Blog

Creating New Blog

As a Southern Cross Astronomical Society Member, you now have the ability to create Astronomy Blogs within the SCAS site. You may share your observations, images, discuss astronomy topics, etc.

First go to Members and choose add blog. Enter the title of the blog and continue.

Then upload an image for the blog header section. You may enter multiple images if you like. This will create an image slider on the blog page to display your list of images. Be aware that images should all be similar in ratio type, preferably horizontal images verses vertical images due to the formatting of the page. Also be aware that adding too many images to a page will slow down the loading time of a page. Images you upload will be resized for presentation on the web and a thumbnail image will be created also. Your images will be available in you (upcoming) member page along with another member information.

Add the body of the blog in the space provided. This content can contain HTML if you switch to the Source mode.

Then save your blog for others to see. Blogs will be listed by most recent but can be searched to find specific words in articles.

About the Author - Trey Mitchell
Trey Mitchell

Trey Mitchell has been interested in astronomy since the 1960's. He was doing astrophotography in the mid 1980's. Trey was a member of the Houston Astronomical Society lecturing on photography and deep sky observing. Trey has only done a little astrophotography in the digital age, but wants to pursue the newer techniques. Trey is also the developer of the New website.


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    You may leave a comment about the blog or the images or whatever you like.

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